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We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our growing team, please see our open positions below.

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Our Hiring Process

At Identitypass we operate a transparent recruitment process that has been specifically designed in such a way that candidates have the opportunity to present their strengths and learn more about us at every step.


Apply for a role that you think you are best qualified for by reviewing our open Positions.

HR Interview

This is usually the next stage after application review. It doesn't really take much time, just be prepared to answer the questions that would reveal your ability to work in our organization.

Hiring Manager Interview

At this stage, you get to meet the hiring manager and a part of the team, this is been done in order for us to know if you share our passion for creating great identity solutions.

Technical Interview

At this stage you get to meet with more team members in exploring and evaluating your technical and fundamental skills.

Work Exercise

Here you get to work at your own pace while showcasing your technical and interpersonal skill. Almost the same process with the technical interview you'll find out the difference when you get to this stage.

The Offer

The offer is always clear. Sign our agreement papers and welcome to the team.