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What are the verification services offered by Identitypass?

We offer BVN, NIN, Voter's card verification, Phone number, Account number, Driver's License, International passport for easy onboarding of customers.

Do you also provide Biometric verification services?

Yes we do. We provide a liveliness check, anti-spoofing and Facial Recognition.

How long does Integration take?

We have a very smooth integration process that takes about 24hours or less to integrate with our API.

How often do you experience system downtimes ?

This happens on rare occasions, but we always communicate to our clients when we do experience downtimes to ensure they always stay informed.

Do we get charged for failed API calls ?

No we do not charge for failed calls, you only get charged for successful calls.

How do we fund our wallet ?

You can fund your wallet from your dashboard using your debit or credit card.

How do we handle issues that may arise ?

Communication is very important to us, so we always setup support channels for our users on slack or skype for effective communication.

Is what you do the same as Smile ID?

Yes it is. We both offer verification prices though our pricing may differ.

How do I integrate into any platform I build?

you can integrate with our verification systems through API.