Financial Services

Over the years, digital finance industry has experienced a great deal of expansion, thereby leading to an ever-increasing challenge in the AML and KYC regulations — customer expectations growth, and fraudsters getting smarter, and this has always been a major worry for financial service providers. However, this has led regulators around the world to tighten requirements more.

These are the thoughts behind Identitypass's verification platform which provides the solutions you need, allowing you to stay ahead of fast-changing industry regulations that can so easily affect your business.


Crypto exchanges also get the opportunity to verify their clients using our AI-powered Biometric verification system. With Identitypass's Biometric verification, you get easy, secure and law compliant customers verification. It combines AI-based technology with the expertise of highly qualified fraud-spotting specialists.

Businesses are also leveraging the advantages of Identitypass's fully automated, AI-powered identity verification system which eliminates unnecessary manual input by automatically capturing data from ID documents. Excellent customer experience through easy-to-follow, on-screen prompts facilitates improvement of conversion rates. The verification process is simple, utilizing a familiar, selfie-style tool.

Digital wallet

One common way in which a lot of individuals, firms, organizations are taking advantage of the ongoing digitization and streamlining their business processes with increasingly intensified legal and regulatory standards for today’s digital transactions, is through DIGITAL WALLETS. However, you need some assurance yourself to know that you are ahead of the curve to protect clients.

Fortunately, Identitypass’s verification platforms provides flexible and easy access to a wide range of KYC products and services such as Biometrics verification and documents oriented verifications.
The integration of these platforms are both easy and quick, it also provides scalable solutions that are suited for any organization size – from small and medium-sized businesses to multinational enterprises.


In time past, we have seen news of lending Organisations giving out loans to individuals who provided fake informations / falsified documents which were not duly verified thereby leading to the loss of such loans as there was no means to trace such individuals.

With our layered approach using the identity document combined with facial biometrics offers a more secure way to verify identities of applicants. Be ready to tackle the heightened fraud risk during these unprecedented times

Our identity document / Biometrics verification software is easy to use and can be fully integrated into your apps and websites. This means your customers can securely validate their identities during loan application, from anywhere at any time.

Online Gaming

As the online gaming industry grows, regulators around the world are tightening requirements while the goal is to make gaming safer and more trustworthy, if not handled properly, this can quickly lead to a reduction in player count.

Bring players on board without them ever having to leave their mobile device or compromising on the customer experience by making it simple for them to verify themselves from any device, and go from the first tap to submission in under 10 seconds, with our market-leading solutions.
Verify KYC documents, minimum age and prevent fraud using Identitypass's Biometric solutions.